What if I have no previous mock trial experience?

Not a problem. More than half of our team had no prior mock trial experience when they joined.

Whats the time commitment like?

While overall time commitment will vary based on team and role assignments, mock trial is competitive activity that demands a large time commitment. Teams practice 3-4 times a week for upwards of an hour each time. Additionally, time commitment increases significantly as the competition season ramps up. That being said, mock trial allows plenty of time to pursue other extracurricular activities. Current members also participate in crew, soccer, acapella, rugby, and cricket (to name a few).

When can I apply?

Tryouts for competition teams take place every August and rosters are finalized by September. In extenuating circumstances, secondary tryouts will be held to fill vacant spots. Looking to apply after September? Fear not! There are always non-competition spots on the team open to those interested in joining us.

Whats my first step?

Email us here! Once in contact, the captains will provide you with all the information you need.