What is Mock Trial?

Mock Trial is a competitive activity that combines speech and debate with acting. Every year the team receives a fictitious case from the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA) and works together to build original arguments for both the prosecution and defense side.  At trial, our attorneys and witnesses compete against other teams before a panel of judges. The judges (all current judges, attorneys or law students) score the teams based on the strengths of their arguments, presentation, and general performance.

Who are we?

Haverford Mock Trial is a close-knit group of exceptionally talented students. We are dedicated to both building our program and advancing our national standing. In addition to practicing together, we have team dinners, organize social events, and travel to competitions across the country.

Who should apply?

Students interested in public speaking, performing, debating, acting, arguing, reading, competing, and/or becoming part of a tight-knit family will find Mocking to be both intellectually stimulating and a fun experience. Our current members have interests including law, biology, physics, history, political science, and spanish.

Who do we compete against?

There are approximately 600 collegiate teams in AMTA to compete against, ranging from small liberal arts colleges to large public and private universities.

More questions?

Email us at haverfordmocktrial@gmail.com!